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The Society answers queries from non-members or members. However, its income is dependent on subscriptions and donations, so we hope you will join. Members receive a quarterly magazine, The Palgrave Chronicle.

The annual subscription is £5, or £10 if you wish to receive the magazine by airmail. Please send a sterling cheque payable to "The Palgrave Society" to our secretary. (Applicants in the U.S. may remit in U.S. dollars to PO Box 69, Indian Hills, Colorado, 80454 but checks must be payable to "N. Palgrave"). At current rates of exchange the subscriptions are surface mail $10-00; air mail $20-00.

To join just send a remittance with your name, address, and postcode/zipcode. In joining you agree to your membership details being kept on computer.

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Future Activities

Exhibitions and gatherings will be held at North Barningham during the year. For full details please contact our secretary.

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Palgrave Chronicle

This magazine is published quarterly and indexed on a regular basis. Copies are deposited in the British Library and the five Copyright Libraries. There are copies in the Libraries of the New England HGS in Boston and the LDS in Salt Lake City.

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Publications and Records

Notelets featuring North Barningham Church now available !

The Society has published the books listed below. Prices shown do not include postage - for rates please enquire by email to our secretary.

Publications and Records
The Palgraves of Rollesby, 1773-1973 £1
North Barningham: Church, Hall & Palgrave Family. £1
Archives of Flegg Relating to the Palgraves. £1
Heraldry at North Barningham Church. £1
The Palgraves of Ludham. £1
The Palgraves and John Murray: a selection of letters £3-00
St Peter North Barningham: a guide to the church £1-50
The History and Lineage of the Palgraves (Hardback 283pp) £17-50
Royal & U.S. Presidential links with the Palgraves of North Barningham £1-50

That book "History and Lineage...." summarises most of the Palgrave research prior to 1978. Almost all other records we hold have been transcribed, indexed and published in our magazine, "The Palgrave Chronicle" which is now in its tenth volume. The accumulated data is just under 1000 pages plus a further 120 or so pages from its predecessor "The Palgrave Newsletter".

We hold lists of extracts from GRO Indexes and we published the first fifty or so years of them in our Newsletters during the late 1970s. Virtually all other archival material and entries in the usual indexes, which we have extracted, has been transcribed, published, interpreted and assembled into pedigrees most of which have appeared in our magazines (1974-1999), monographs and the 1978 hardback book. This material is not confined to the UK but embraces overseas occurrences especially in the USA and Australia. The magazines are all indexed by volume as is the hardback so anyone with a set of our publications can have a stab at dealing with most queries.

Millennium commemorative thimble

This is now available to collectors for £1-25 (posted to UK addresses) and £1-75 (posted overseas by airmail). For further details potential purchasers should E-mail our secretary.

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