North Barningham Church

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North Barningham Church

The Society has been deeply involved in the conservation of North Barningham Church in Norfolk, England, with its 16th and 17th century Palgrave monuments. An annual meeting of members is held there.

In the early part of 2001, the Churches Conservation Trust carried out some necessary conservation on two of the memorials. One, to John Palgrave, in the Sanctuary, and another, to Margaret Pope née Palgrave, on the chancel wall, were partially dismantled and reassembled in order to repair cracks in the stonework. The Palgrave Society has donated a substantial sum towards this work but further donations from members and others, interested in maintaining this unique collection of seventeenth century sculptured monuments, are most welcome.

A limited number of services are arranged each year - for details e-mail.

More about this church at North Barningham Church.

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